Episode 158

The Shoes Draft


March 24th, 2020

1 hr 55 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

The Draft Pod continues to listen to the CDC, WHO and lawmaker’s suggestions on protecting ourselves during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we encourage everyone to do the same. We’re all in this together and we’ll do everything we can to keep our friends, family, and fans safe.

On this episode of The Draft Podcast, we’re drafting the best Shoes your money can buy. We’re talking sneaks here, high tops, low tops, rubber soles for optimum sporting endurance. These are the sneakers needed to protect yourself in these trying times. Coronavirus is upon us, social distancing is the new normal, and we give you the best shoe options for running for your health/life.

Thanks for listening and hit us up on Twitter @TheDraftPod with any thoughts you might have! We field all thoughts.